All of our in-house shows are livestreamed on Facebook for free viewing. Financial support through this live stream is still very important for both Hermann’s and our artists. The restriction of 50 seats for ticketed events is projected to last well into next year. Building our virtual audience by sharing our Facebook stream with others is another way you can help. To all of you who have contributed, THANK YOU - our audience is simply the best.

A large number of our fans watch us and comment on Facebook here:   Watch on Facebook

To watch without Facebook we now offer additional livestreams on this page and at these links:    Watch on Vimeo        Watch on YouTube

If you would like to support the musicians and help keep the livestream running click:   Donate Here

Check out our SHOWS page for upcoming events.

About the Livestream

 We started live streaming our shows in March 2020 when Hermann’s had to temporarily shut down in response to COVID-19. The livestream started with a few cell phone cameras and has steadily grown in production quality.

 In the first four months, audience donations put over $30,000 in artists’ pockets. Live streaming has kept us connected to our amazing audience while extending our reach across the globe.


How its made:

Our short behind-the-scenes documentary shares the story of how the livestream has kept our community strong and gives you a glimpse into the magic that goes into the production!

 Showcases of the many musical genres we support: