Lorraine Nygaard Quartet: Cozy Winter’s Night - Dec. 17, 2023


Heads and hearts are full, as we reflect on all that has occurred in 2023, and anticipate new beginnings at the turn of the year. It’s the right time to come in from the cold: feel the comfort of community, candles on the tables, warm food and tasty beverage at hand, while Lorraine’s warm vocals soothe your soul.

Nygaard has a knack for delivering a captivating set list. From stunning jazz standards of decades past; heart-warming Christmas favourites; contemporary pop and soul; to stirring original works, there is something for everyone. Fans delight in her friendly rapport, engaging with audience members, with insightful and often light-hearted banter. You can bop and sway to up-tempo swing, or recline and savour the mood of a sultry ballad. http://www.lorrainenygaard.com Latest blog post, including more details of Cozy Winter’s Night ’23, are here: https://lorrainenygaard.com/2023/11/16/cozy-winter-nights-are-coming/

This evening’s band members are all gifted in improvisational work. Lorraine loves to let each artist shine, and the audience will happily experience the joys of music-making in the moment. Let the muse soar!

Nick Peck is a British/Canadian Jazz pianist, B3 organist, composer and arranger. His work has been featured in jazz orchestras, chamber ensembles, in solo piano and electronic media. Known for his playing that draws from across the history of jazz, it is coloured by experiences in contemporary classical, folk, and freely improvised music. His style is marked by his ability to shift from hard-swinging jazz to pastoral serenity to elements of the 20th/21st century piano tradition at the drop of a hat, both hands equally creative on the keyboard, in a manner that is both constantly engaging and accessible. http://www.nickpeck.com

Brock Meades, on bass, received his master’s from Vancouver Island University at a young age, and has quickly created a buzz in the musical community, playing original music and arrangements of popular songs in the jazz idiom. His own trio places the greatest emphasis on quality of sound, improvisation, and swing, keeping audiences perpetually captivated.

Ever-popular Kelby MacNayr, commanding on drums/percussion, is well-known for actively creating musical events in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. He is a featured artist on national radio and television, and has performed on over 50 recordings and at major festivals across Canada and the U.S. Maintaining an active regional and international performing career, his work has been with many of North American’s finest musicians. http://www.kelbymacnayr.com
Posted: Dec. 17, 2023
Filmed: Dec. 17, 2023