Our restaurant is currently closed. We can't wait to serve you again soon.




RSVP pre-order with tickets or by e-mail

In the spirit of feeding people well, while accommodating touchless pre-ordering, and service

that respects show time, we are now serving our guests by a serviced buffet.

The buffet is protected behind a shield, and a happy server will offer to plate the items you choose.


We are excited to present a well-balanced wholesome selection

with options for gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan diets. 


Meals will be served from 6:30 to 7:20. Late comers may request a Chef’s plate served from the kitchen. 


Winter Chopped Salad (GF/DF/V/VE)

Purple cabbage, heirloom carrots, sliced radishes, scallions, mixed greens and a house dressing.

 Power Green Salad (GF/DF/V/VE)

Kale, arugula, artisan greens, spinach, broccoli, zucchini and avocado dressing.

 Heirloom Tomato Tart (DF/V/VE)

Puff pastry filled with tomatoes, tofu, basil and a chili oil.

 Indian Spiced Cauliflower (GF/V)

Cauliflower florets, drizzled with pimenton creme fraiche and cilantro oil.

 Pesto Penne (V)

House made pesto penne tossed with cashews spinach and pecorino topped with fresh tomatoes and herbs.

 Tempura Prawns (DF)

Lime and chili marinated prawns coated in a fresh light homemade tempura batter topped with fresh lime zest and cilantro.

 Vegan Loaf (DF/V/VE)

Mixed vegetables, fresh herbs, served in a `meatloaf` style with vegetable gravy.

 Pork Chop (GF/DF)

Sous vide pork chop to a medium, smoked rubbed and pan seared to perfection served with a pork gravy and fresh herbs.


 Querida's Pies- Sweet or Savory

In-house or take-away

5" $10   /  9" to share  $15