July 16 & 17th





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In the spirit of feeding people well, while accommodating touchless pre-ordering, and service

that respects show time, we are now serving our guests by a serviced buffet.

The buffet is protected behind a shield, and a happy server will offer to plate the items you choose.


We are excited to present a well-balanced wholesome selection

with options for gluten-free (GF), dairy-free (DF) vegetarian (V) and vegan diets (VE). 


Meals will be served from 5:30 to 6:50. Late comers may request a Chef’s plate served from the kitchen. 


Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice (GF/DF/VE/Keto)

Fresh parsley, lemon, garlic, toasted almonds and red pepper flakes make this 

cauliflower rice a satisfying low-carb substitution.


 Smashed Potato Salad (GF/DF/VE)

Roasted smashed new potatoes paired with corn and a rosemary vinaigrette.


 Orzo salad (VE/DF)

Orzo, spinach, marinated artichoke hearts, tomatoes, capers, green onion 

with a tarragon dressing


 Greek Salad (GF/DF/VE)

Fresh Roma tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, red onions.

Feta, Kalamata olives and a housemade Greek dressing to be added if you like


Coconut Crusted Citrus Tofu (GF/DF/VE)

Coconut and corn flour make this tofu crispy, served with 

a lightly spicy citrus sauce.


 Honey Citrus Chicken Kebabs (GF/DF/Keto)

Marinated Chicken, zucchini, red pepper grilled skewers.


Pita Bread & Hummus (VE)