The Beautiful Maladies: the music of Tom Waits - May. 4, 2024

The Beautiful Maladies have been bringing the music of Tom Waits to live audiences since 2015. With continual sold-out shows at Hermann’s Jazz Club, the band is now touring Vancouver Island, with eyes on the mainland.

The band is comprised of Kelly Fawcett, Aaron Watson, Brooke Maxwell, Peter Dowse and Matt Pease, who each bring their own individual loves and interpretations of Waits’ music to each show. This is not simply a band impersonating an amazing Tom Waits’ performance, but a group of seasoned pro musicians, who each showcase their own talents through this iconic music.
In this Video event(s)   Sat. May 4th 2024 - - 7:00 PM Resource(s) Hermann's Jazz Club
Posted: May. 4, 2024
Filmed: May. 4, 2024