Islanders Hot Club - Jun. 4, 2023

Luckily we have Simon Stribling as leader who will be on trumpet. He had a world-travelling jazz band from Australia called “The Fireworks Jazz Band” but has relocated to Victoria and is now an exciting addition to the CanUS lineup as of July 2021 .

Former CanUS member Doug Rhodes - vocalist, baritone bass sax and soprano sax player, will be there who you can hear on 5 of the 8 CanUS CD’s available on youtube and who toured to the many jazz festivals with CanUS, including the concert at The Kennedy Center, Wash. D.C.

And breaking her rule to ‘never send in a sub who is better than you’, your vocalist & pianist will be Brooke Maxwell, internationally known for the thrilling musical, “Ride The Cyclone” that he and Jacob Richmond created plus a teaching and performing schedule locally that is astonishing.
In this Video event(s)   Sun. Jun 4th 2023 - - 1:00 PM Resource(s) Hermann's Jazz Club
Posted: Jun. 3, 2023
Filmed: Jun. 4, 2023