The Ryan Oliver Quartet Album Release Party! - Jun. 14, 2024

Join Juno-nominated saxophonist Ryan Oliver and his all star quartet to celebrate the release of Oliver's most recent recording for the Toronto-based DoRight Music label, "Live in Vancouver". For this performance Oliver will be joined by special guest Juno award winning, Vancouver-based drummer Joe Poole. Don't miss this exciting evening of world class jazz!

Ryan Oliver- tenor saxophone
Dr. Tony Genge - piano
Ken Lister - bass
Joe Poole - drums

About the record:

Step into the electrifying atmosphere of July 2023 at Vancouver's Frankie's Jazz Club, where Canadian jazz luminary Ryan Oliver, accompanied by a stellar ensemble of musicians, set the stage ablaze for two unforgettable nights. Curated by Oliver, renowned tenor saxophonist of the acclaimed The Cookers Quintet and Shuffle Demon alumni, the performances were nothing short of spectacular, embodying the true spirit of live jazz.

Joined by Canadian jazz legends Brian Dickinson on piano, Neil Swainson on bass, and Terry Clarke on drums, Oliver led the quartet on a musical journey rooted in the vibrant landscape of 1960s jazz. Their powerhouse performances breathed new life into classics like "Wayfaring Stranger," transforming the American folk composition into a haunting rubato melody before erupting into a hard-swinging tour de force.

"Having the opportunity to share the stage with some of my favourite musicians and put this album together was a truly edifying experience," shared Oliver. "I wanted to showcase compositions from the jazz lexicon associated with some of my influences while also adding in original music and new takes on existing repertoire, including my interpretation of Wayfaring Stranger."

An emotional highlight of the evening was "Peaceful Warrior," a reverent tone poem penned by Oliver. Reflecting on his experiences in New York, Oliver shared, "While living in New York some years ago I used to catch the great Pharoah Sanders whenever he came to town. His saxophone sound and musical world were unforgettable, captivating, and inspiring - I hoped to capture some of what he has meant to me in Peaceful Warrior." With each note, the ensemble paid homage to Sanders's enduring legacy, creating a moment of profound musical reflection and celebration.

Adding her soulful touch to the proceedings, accomplished jazz, blues, and gospel singer Dee Daniels graced the stage as a special guest, lending her vocals to three selections, including a poignant rendition of "Tryin Times." Originally composed by Donny Hathaway in the late 1960s, the song's timeless message of resilience and hope resonated deeply, reminding listeners of the enduring human experience that jazz music so beautifully encapsulates.

"Having the great Dee Daniels join the group really put things over the top," remarked Oliver."When I thought of her in the context of this project, 'Tryin Times' and 'Corcovado' immediately sprang to mind. Album producer John Kong suggested the Abbey Lincoln/Max Roach composition 'Lonesome Lover,' and it was another perfect choice. I think the resulting recording captured an impassioned and soulful musical collaboration that I was honored to be a part of."

"Live in Vancouver" captures the essence of these extraordinary performances, offering listeners a front-row seat to the magic of live jazz. Immerse yourself in the moment and experience the artistry, creativity, and excitement that define this captivating album.
Posted: Jun. 14, 2024
Filmed: Jun. 14, 2024