CanUS Jazz Band | Traditional Jazz Matinee - Apr. 7, 2024

SPECIAL SURPRISE! Coming April 7 for a reunion with CanUS Jazz Band at their Traditional Jazz Matinee 1-3 pm is one of the 4 founding members, Jim Armstrong on trombone. The quartet was created by Toni Blodgett, piano, with Joey Smith, bass and Don Leppard on drums and Jim doubling on trumpet & trombone.

So join Simon Stribling, trumpet; Doug Rhodes, also sax; Al Pease, clarinet; Avram McCagherty, banjo;Lauri Lyster, drums; Joey Smith bass, and Toni Blodgett, piano. Better book early!
In this Video event(s)   Sun. Apr 7th 2024 - - 1:00 PM Resource(s) Hermann's Jazz Club
Posted: Apr. 6, 2024
Filmed: Apr. 7, 2024