Firebird: Cutler/Walsh/Charbonneau With Marina Avros opening set. - Jul. 7, 2023

Firebird: Stephanie Cutler, Jeremy Walsh and Genevieve Charbonneau
Quw’utsun Valley’s newest folk trio Firebird is comprised of Stephanie Cutler, Jeremy Walsh (Scruge McDuhk, Crikey Mor) and Genevieve Charbonneau (Heartwood, Genevieve and the Wild Sundays). The three are accomplished singer-songwriters, taking turns singing leads on original songs and leaning heavily into gorgeous three part harmonies. With guitar, piano, accordion, and bouzouki they meld irish, bluegrass and pop to create a fusion folk that is full of fire and redemption.
Posted: Jul. 7, 2023
Filmed: Jul. 7, 2023