Medusa Quartet with Pierre Schryer and Adam Dobres - Feb. 18, 2024
With their forthcoming EP, Medusa’s dynamic arrangement style cross-pollinates the sounds of
Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, Celtic, Appalachian, and Eastern European music, as well as
original tunes, to create something previously unheard. With this debut release, the band aims
to connect audiences across dividing lines of culture and identity to reveal the common threads
Medusa is Georgia Hathaway, Lea Kirstein, Marta Sołek, and Saskia Tomkins. For these four
seasoned string players, whose collective experience as side players in successful bands spans
decades, Medusa is a refuge for natural creation.
In this Video event(s)   Sun. Feb 18th 2024 - - 7:30 PM Resource(s) Hermann's Jazz Club
Posted: Feb. 18, 2024
Filmed: Feb. 18, 2024