Alfie Zappacosta

Thu. June 20th 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM doors at 5:30 PM (All Ages)
$35 plus tax/fees, walk-ins welcome
Join us for an intimate evening with multi Juno and American Music Award winner Alfie
Zappacosta, featuring jazz pianist Justin Glibbery.
Italian born, Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Alfie Zappacosta digs deep into
his own heart and translates those emotions into imaginative literary and philosophical insights.
Alfie delivers a sophisticated and unforgettable performance of rich soaring vocals and
captivating melodies, drawing from jazz, pop and rock elements.
In the fifth decade of his career he is passionate about his craft as he continues to write, record
and perform for discerning audiences across Canada. Alfie’s 16th album, Saved, was released in
2021 by Alma Records, from soulful and romantic to upbeat and jazzy.
“I consider myself a bit of a troubadour ...telling stories, anything from life to deep love. I’ll
continue writing for the rest of my life and perform as long as I’m physically capable.” - Alfie
Alfie’s vocal dexterity and song writing proficiency was uncovered by a publisher while writing
for his first original band “Surrender, a five-piece group that recorded three albums in the late
1970s into the early 1980s.
As a solo artist Alfie's career took off with a legacy of hits that brought him to the world's
attention. "Start Again”, “Passion”, “When I Fall in Love Again” and “Nothing Can Stand In
Your Way” written with David Foster. In 1988 he was awarded JUNOs for “Album of The Year’
and “Most Promising Artist”, and American Music Award for “Most Popular Album of The
These hit songs were originally written for acoustic and jazz presentations. Writing for radio
began to rub against Alfie’s musical integrity and he became frustrated with the demands of
music trends. Alfie broke from the stereotype and began to write the lyrics and melodies that
were authentically him, revealing his insight into relationships and his advanced knowledge of
What fans say “An astonishingly pure powerful voice with an amazing range and timber that
captures your soul that makes you feel all those things you can t express. His artistry is
extraordinary”. – K. Maser
“Alfie is an incredibly unique, charismatic entertainer that simply must be seen live”. – L. Clark
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