CanUS Traditional Jazz Matinee

Sun. February 4th 2024 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM doors at 12:00 PM (All Ages)
Livestream + In Person $20 + fees/tax, walk-ins welcome
Over the many years we've heard many good comments from audiences about our music, but recently one fellow came up to the bandstand after our show and told us that he had seen a $75.00 value show for just $25.00 - quite the compliment!! We appreciate all of you who come to support live music at the unique Hermann's Jazz Club. Group outings also welcome with arrangements made by calling 250-388-9166.

The musicians are well known to the fans of New Orleans jazz and have played together over the years to create a jolly musical interaction that comes with mutual respect and years of sharing the love of this unique genre. This is the 34th year they have been a feature at Hermann's Jazz Club and while also touring jazz festivals in Canada & the U.S. with their concert at the Kennedy Center still showing on youtube.
Trumpet played by Simon Stribling adds that Aussie joy in bringing you those loved melodies, with the addition of some vocals , boosted by the Benny Goodman-esque clarinet of Al Pease, also on tenor sax in that beautiful Coleman Hawkins style. Doug Rhodes is on alto sax and vocals, featured on 5 of the 8 CanUS CD's all of which you can hear on youtube. Avram McCagherty brings a sparkle to any of the many bands he leads and we get to enjoy him, too. His banjo and vocals are a treasure for our city and then - wait for it…underpinning it all is the one of the best bass players you will find anywhere, Joey Smith along with Laurie Lyster, fabulous on the drums and vocals, too. And to finish and embellish is the early jazz piano style & vocals of Toni Blodgett, leader.

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