Pablo Cardenas Presents “ Portraits of Cuba"

“Portraits of Cuba” will bring Cuban pianist Pablo Cardenas interpretation of the Cuban classics of all time, that music composed at the time the bases of what defined the uniqueness Cuban music was being created.

Composers like Ernesto Lecuona, Manuel Saumell and Ignacio Cervantes blending the glamour of the European sounds with more syncopated rhythm, or like Sindo Garay, Miguel Matamoros, or Ignacio Piñeiro, with so much elegance and romanticism on their melodies, while always inviting you to dance with its rhythm even though we could just listen to it endlessly.

This is an event to show you the most pure Cuba, filtered by Pablo's Classical and Jazz preparation that makes him add a few unexpected elements to the songs. He wil be joined by special guests that will help him recreate this amazing music.

An amazing line up and special guests on vocals Laura Deviato, Marcela Rodriguez, and Rafael Duvergel will join Pablo on this occasion.

Pablo Cardenas (Jazz, Classical, Latin, & Fusion)

Pablo Luis Cardenas is a pianist with the ability to play in a multitude of styles each with enthusiasm, skill and finesse. He has a charisma and charm that both intrigues and entertains his audience. This talented musician originates from Cuba and was destined for a life in music after his hands first touched a piano at the age of five. When he... more info