Today’s show is a unique experience in hearing how improvising musicians can mix and match and have so much fun playing our traditional jazz together. Due to Alfons being away, Simon Stribling takes his lifetime experience as band leader and trumpet master to take his place. Replacing Simon’s reed position in the front line is old-time friend and soprano sax player Lloyd Arntzen with his background as a bandleader in Vancouver, BC and recent reeds player in our own Dixieland Express. But wait - there’s more. Replacing Lauri who will be Vancouver Opera Society drummer today, we have that inspiring drummer Damian Graham! With him are local stars Joey Smith on bass, Avram McCagherty, banjo, Toni Blodgett brings her traditional style to the piano but wait: Our legendary Al Pease is on clarinet and tenor sax, filling out the front line.

Not much more needs to be said. Join us in an audience space with a state-of-the-art air ventilation system installed specifically for Covid and all the rules for vaccination, masking and spacing. Livestream option, too.