Cafe Scientifique: What if you could peer inside the human brain? By Olav Krigolson

Tue. September 14th 2021 6:00pm - 7:00pm doors at 5:00pm (All Ages)
Recent advances in mobile neuroscience technology allow researchers to scan brain activity from a mobile phone in just a few minutes. In his talk, Dr. Krigolson will review work by his research group using these new technologies including assessment of fatigue in ER physicians, developing a capability to provide early detection of dementia, and work with NASA and the Mars Mission to assess astronaut brain health.

The Café Scientifique series is an informal series of talks given in a relaxed setting such as a café. These talks are designed to engage the public in learning about recent research in science. Given by experts in the field, these talks provide an opportunity to stimulate discussion around some of the most exciting topics in modern science.

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