David Vest: Back to the Boogie

Sat. April 24th 2021 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (All Ages)
Maple Blues Award winner David Vest and his really cool band get right back to basics: good old boogie-woogie, with an irresistible beat. You might have to get out of your seat and dance with your laptop when the fireworks begin. Expect everything from Pinetop's Boogie Boogie to David's own legendary Santa Fe Steamer, with one or two little stories to let folks catch their breath.

David Vest has been rockin' and shoutin' the blues since 1957 and selling out shows at Hermann's for years. For quite a while now he's had the same core group backing him up: Tom Bowler (guitar), Ryan Tandy (bass), and Damian Graham (drums). By this time their rapport with Vest is near-telepathic, a show in itself really. A good thing, too, given DV's propensity for shifting gears mid-song and heading off into the great unknown.

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