David Vest: Sexy Blues

Sat. October 17th 2020 7:30pm - 9:00pm doors at 6:30pm (All Ages)
Livestream + In Person $25
David Vest and his fellow bluesicians explore the erotic and romantic appeal of blues music. Yes, blues lyrics can be racy and even raunchy, but this music at its best is filled with humour and sophisticated wit, celebrating love and lust as aspects of civilized life, proving that songs can be sexy without being sexist. Blues music celebrates life well-lived under difficult conditions, and it lifts up the tings that matter. It relishes those moments when language manages to say the almost unsayable, as in “Do what you did when you did what you done last night.” It’s almost as though the great blues masters were echoing Shakespeare, who wrote, “Thou was begat; to get it is thy duty.”

Damian Graham, drums; Tom Bowler, guitar; Ryan Tandy on bass and David Vest radiating the 88s.

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