How to Purchase a Ticket (By Table)

To purchase tickets, fill out the form below and make a credit card/Visa payment with PayPal.  Please note, you do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase tickets online. Once you select "Pay registration with Paypal"  there will be an option to "Pay with a credit or debit card" under where your Paypal login info will go. If you need to pay in cash, or have difficulties, please contact to put tickets on hold.

Your name will be on our ticket holder list when you arrive. 

If you know the names of the other guests, or wish to be combined with another table, you can add their names in the "notes" field. If you have special requests, please put them there, too. We do not take special requests for seating unless under special circumstances.

***Please note: Everyone who purchases a ticket must be prepared to show their vaccine card following Sept. 13. Provincial mandates require that all customers of venues must do so. Thank you for your cooperation.


Event NameBlackstick
Event DateSun. September 26th
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