POSTPONED - Nick Mintenko Trio

Sun. October 17th 13:00 - 15:00 doors at 12:00 (All Ages)
Nick Mintenko ~Guitar and Voice~ My music is often a way for me to self soothe, or celebrate small victories. Another way to put it is that my poetry, when put in a musical context, helps me share and experience life more fully with my friends, family, and anybody really. I have lots of far-reaching roots in music and composition. My musical influences, education, professional, and personal experience range across genres (including Folk, Jazz, RnB, Rock, and many more) and are contextualized by my life and love of art. I have toured across North America and Europe, written 100 songs, recorded maybe a dozen albums. I’ve done it all as a sideman and a bandleader, and I’d do it again.

Marshall Wildman ~Drums and Voice~ Marshall is a really cool cucumber, Nick met him on a small indie tour with Foxglove in 2017. His musicality and personality are always impressive! He often tours with Sam Weber, among others.

Gord Light ~Bass and Voice~ Gord is a human karaoke machine! I think he knows every song ever written... He is an incredible singer and musician all around. He is a member of the touring Roy Orbison tribute called "The Lonely".

Nick Mintenko "Neck" (I bring da Funk)

I've been playing music nearly my whole life, and have played the bass obsessively since I turned 17. I have been gigging the whole way, and have had regular paid gigs on bass for the last year. My tastes range quite a lot and I'm open to playing most styles of music. more info

Gord Light (Rockin' groovy poundin' proggy swingin' etc.)

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I am a professional musician of nigh-thirty years. I graduated with honors from the Humber College music program majoring in bass and performance. I'm comfortable with rock, pop, country, jazz, soul, funk, metal, ska, reggae and I'm sure I've forgotten some genres. I learn songs fast, have a strong ear and am very comfortable with vocals, lead o... more info