Sun. January 26th 2020 1:30PM - 3:30PM doors at 12:30pm (All Ages)
Join Norrie MacFarlane and the Dixieland Express in a Jazz Celebration of Robbie Burns’ Birthday.
Scottish Jazz you say? Is this an oxymoron? No way!
This joyous occasion will include not only great jazz
from the award winning Dixieland Express,
but also haggis, whisky, and dare we say it....bagpipes!

Energizing the band with Norrie on trumpet will be Tom Vickery (piano), Avram McCagherty (banjo), Don Cox (tuba & bass), Lloyd Arntzen (clarinet & sax), and Anita Bonkowski (drums). A great band in a great venue with great food, dancing, fun and camaraderie.
Don’t miss this one!

Dixieland Express (New Orleans/Swing)

Formed in 1980's, and still active: Current members: Leader/Trumpet: Norrie MacFarlane Trombone: Bob Cadwallader Clarinet/Soprano Sax: Lloyd Arntzen Banjo: Borgie Borgerson Piano: Tom Vickery Bass/Tuba: Don Cox Drums: Anita Bonkowski Former members include: Trombone: Jim Armstrong; Hugh Barclay. Sax/Clarinet: Al Pease; Roy Reynol... more info